Let’s talk about…New Year’s Resolutions

31st December 2015

With 2016 just around the corner literally, I don’t think I could’ve left this post any later  everyone thinks about the new year and things they would like to achieve in the upcoming 12 months.


You hear a lot of people saying the whole “new year, new me” malarkey, usually half halfheartedly making promises that are broken within 2 weeks. I am definitely 100% one of those people.

Going into 2016, I would like to change this. Instead of making false promises to myself about losing weight and going to the gym more often, I am thinking more about the little things and the things that will benefit me in the long run and help me with a positive outlook and attitude.


1- Pass my driving test. I am determined to be able to drive by the end of the year. My younger brother’s friends have all started to pass/buy their first car and it’s making me so annoyed at myself that I didn’t learn 4 years ago. I need to step up my game with this one, and hopefully i’ll be on the roads by this time next year.

2- Buy my first car. This one goes hand-in-hand with passing my test. Only going to achieve goal #2 if I achieve goal #1.

3- Journal. Write things down in a diary every day and stick at it.

4- Continue to blog. I have found a passion in this blog and I LOVE posting. I always wanted to start a blog and now I have taken the plunge, I aim to continue all of next year/2017/2018/forever.

5- Start a NCTJ Diploma. Again, goes hand-in-hand with goal #4, I want to become a qualified journalist and complete a NCTJ course. Won’t be able to complete this goal by the end of 2016, but can definitely make a start.

6-  Learn more about event/wedding planning. I love planning things and always wanted to have some sort of career around event and wedding planning. I’ve always dreamed of starting up my own little wedding planning business as well as my ultimate goal to become an editor at a magazine. I’m going to start doing more research in the upcoming year on how I could make this happen.

7- Be more positive. A big one I’ve been aiming towards for a good few years now, but can never get the gist of it. Hoping this blog will help, it has so far.


So, those are my 7 resolutions for the New Year. Some of them will take a lot of work, but what’s the fun in letting myself have it easy, right!?

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