22 Thoughts You Have After Every Bank Holiday Weekend

30th August 2016

  1. Why was that the quickest three days of my life?
  2. It went quicker than a normal weekend!
  3. What’s that all about?
  4. I need another Bank Holiday to recover
  5. Make that a Bank Holiday week
  6. We need more
  7. When’s the next one?
  8. What do you mean it’s not for another four months?!??
  9. That’s ridiculous
  10. At least it’s a Tuesday
  11. Looking on the bright side of things
  13. Why didn’t I make the most of the weekend?
  14. Do something really productive
  15. Like sleep
  16. Who thought 3 nights out in a row was a good idea?
  17. Biggest mistake ever
  18. I wish work had hangover days
  19. I should probably check my bank balance…
  20. Hahahahahaha minus £200 good one Halifax
  21. Why
  22. Seriously, when’s the next Bank Holiday?


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