Planet Pass Instatour

26th December 2016

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago, PlanetPass kindly invited me on their guided walking Instatour around the city.

The tours are for 1-6 people and as I was in London alone, I went on a private tour- meaning I could ask away with as many questions as I wanted (and my guide was happy to answer them all!). With the app, there’s no need to book in advance so if you’re feeling spontaneous, you are able to book and go straight away.

The tour is two hours long, starting from St. Paul’s Cathedral. On the Instatour, your guide- a professional photographer- lets you into the tips and tricks of how to get the best Instagram content while seeing the spectacular sights of London.

I met my guide Hazel at St Paul’s Tube Station and we began the tour at the Tate Modern and began snapping away. Next, we made our way to the Millennium Bridge and onto Southbank and the Christmas Market.

We then made our way to the famous Borough Market before finishing the tour at an old English pub and departing at London Bridge.

I learnt so much during the two hours and Hazel answered any questions I had. I definitely wouldn’t have seen as much of London as I had if it wasn’t for the PlanetPass tour. It was such a fun afternoon and a creative spin on your traditional tour.

I have so many snaps from the day and my Instagram game is peaking thanks to Hazel! I’m so glad I took part and I am so grateful to PlanetPass for inviting me along.


Download PlanetPass for free on the App Store and Google Play. The Instatour is available at a fixed price of £87.


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