#Friendsmas With Aldi

28th December 2016

Christmas is the ultimate time for a get-together with friends and family, so when Aldi announced their #Friendsmas campaign I was eager to get on board.

On Christmas Eve Eve, we had a group of friends come round for a day of food, fun and festivities.

We started off with a picky lunch of quiche, pastas and party platters before treating ourselves to wine and a good ol’ game of Tipping Point.

After a round of Trivial Pursuit and exchanging gifts, it was time to finish up the dinner preparations. We cooked up a slight different variation of your traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings, which went down a treat. I also need to mention that ALL the veg we bought for the dinner was between 15-19 PENCE! It kept the costs right down and everything was just as fresh usual!!!

 Having a little pre-Christmas Friendsmas was the perfect thing to get into the festive spirit. It was so nice to sit down and reconnect over a home-cooked meal and I’m already excited for next year!


Did you have a Friendsmas this year?

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