Life Lately #2

31st December 2016

The year of realising stuff is coming to an end and as I’m writing this post at 11:30pm on a Tuesday evening, I’m reflecting on the past 12 months. It’s becoming clear that I’ve achieved a lot throughout 2016, whether that be blog, education or general life achievements.

The year as a whole has been a pretty good one, but this last month has excelled.

Passing My First University Assignments

I’ve had a few ups and downs with Uni and I was absolutely convinced I’d failed at least one of the first modules. I got my results back for all three this month and I am so happy to say that I passed! Now I just need to tackle two final assignments and everything will be complete for the semester. I’m excited for a fresh start in the New Year.


I went on a little adventure to London in the week leading up to Christmas. I spent the afternoon exploring the City before heading to meet the AH-MAY-ZING BUNAC team for #BUNACSummerInTheStates. I had such a great day and I truly had THE best day and my heart definitely belongs in London. Get me back there ASAP!


I still can’t believe how quickly it came around this year. On Christmas Eve I went to stay with my mum and dad- it has always been tradition in our house to watch The Polar Express and get Chinese food for tea, so it was such a lovely day. On the 25th, I went to my housemate’s parents for dinner, games and drinks.

TV Series

In our house, we’re prone to a good Netflix binge or two. This month, we’ve gotten through How To Get Away With Murder. I can’t wait until the season continues at the end of January.


Starting the first week of January, you can find me creating content over on YouTube. The plan so far is mainly travel vlogs, but we’ll see how you guys like it and if everything goes well, I’m going to start weekly vlogging. Make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with my videos.


What have you been up to lately?


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