A Letter To My Future Self

8th January 2017


I hope you’re well.

I hope you’ve gotten out of the habit of self-destruction, setting yourself up for failure with your negative attitude. It never has been and never will be healthy. How long have I been telling you that?

I hope you’ve realised that you’re capable of more than you ever thought. The anxieties and stresses you let drown yourself are so irrelevant. You’ve let yourself be cosumed by them for far too many years. You’ve lived life, but you haven’t lived life.

Last time I checked, you were heading in the right direction. There were a few blips, but that’s normal. You did well not to be too hard on yourself and I hope that is still true. Your mental health will never be the greatest and I’ve accepted that. As long as you keep going by trying to maintain a positive outlook, that’s the main thing.

How is the five year plan going? Is the New York apartment in sight yet? Don’t worry if it’s not, you’re getting there. Key words there: Don’t worry. We all know you’ve done your fair share of worrying.

I’d love it if music was still a part of your life. Hopefully you’ll remember how much it has helped and pushed you through the tough times. The tattoo that people made fun of? Please don’t grow to regret it. It is a part of you and the music that has shaped you as a person.

I’m sure social media is still thriving but I hope you’re not letting that get the better of you. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else…..anyone else. You need to realise that you’re doing just fine as you are.

I hope you’re staying true to yourself. You need to accept any changes that have or will come your way. Don’t dwell on it and see it as a negative thing.  Work hard, but realise you’re where you’re meant to be. Things will fall into place, but only if you let them. Allow yourself to grow, to learn. Make sure you never stop learning.

But finally, don’t let doubt get in your way. Believe in yourself. I certainly do.

I truly hope you’re well.

Best Wishes,







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