How To Be Single

14th February 2017

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Here again….and here I am, perpetually single.

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It used to. Why does no one want me? What is wrong with me?

I’m used to it by this point and I’ve fully accepted my future crazy-cat-lady status.

I’m making the most of being alone. I can travel where I want, when I want, without having to think of anyone else. I don’t have to plan my life around anyone else.

I’m not having to think of extra presents for special occasions. I mean, it’s already hard enough trying to think of presents for the men already in my life- my dad, brother and grandad- nevermind a boyfriend.

And probably the best perk of all, I have a double bed all to myself. I can starfish to my heart’s desire.

So, every Valentine’s day, it has become a sort of tradition to ignore all the “look at my Pandora charms and Michael Kors watch what a lucky girl!!!!” and “oh my god he proposed” statuses to indulge in an Anti-Valentine’s Day with my single pals.

Tonight, we’re having a night of trashy TV, living vicariously through First Dates and Celebs Go Dating with a glass or two of wine, chocolates and our Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Fragrance Diffuser.

So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, just remember the chocolate is half price tomorrow.


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  • New Labels Only

    14th February 2017 at 9:51 pm

    There is nothing wrong being single on valentine’s day! It is just a day. Celebs go dating is a must. Joey is too much sometimes!

    1. Emma Kershaw

      14th February 2017 at 10:07 pm

      I absolutely love Joey, so glad he’s back this series! Thanks for reading xx

  • Julia

    14th February 2017 at 10:58 pm

    I’m in a relationship and I would definitely still consider myself to be a crazy cat lady! 🙂 Valentine’s doesn’t really do it for me; my birthday is on 21st February and our anniversary falls on 27th February so we would much rather celebrate those than Valentine’s.

    Julia x

    1. Emma Kershaw

      18th February 2017 at 6:54 pm

      I hope you have a great birthday and anniversary! Thanks for reading x

  • Kimberly

    15th February 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Seems like a fabulous Valentine’s Day to me!

    1. Emma Kershaw

      17th February 2017 at 1:52 pm

      Thank you!

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