Five Must-See Sights On Giglio Island, Italy

Set off the coast of Tuscany, the beautiful island of Giglio is the perfect place to spend the weekend. You can see all the sights in just a few days. Full of history and nature, the Island really caught my attention after seeing this interesting infographic that highlights five sights you must see.

Giglio Porto

When you catch the ferry to Gilglio, The picturesque village of Gilglio Porto is the arrival point. Admire the historic Tower of Saraceno and live the Instrammer’s dream by exploring the charismatic alleyways that are surrounded by colourful houses.

Cannelle Bay

With shallow and crystal clear waters, Cannelle Bay is the ideal place for everyone. Take in the view and chill on the beach, or unleash your adventurous side with some watersports.

Caldane Beach

Just South of Cannelle Bay is the gorgeous Caldane Beach. Embrace the journey via a series of winding roads with jaw-dropping views. A haven of crystal clear waters and lovely surroundings, it’s the perfect retreat for a few hours of complete relaxation.

Giglio Mines

Immerse yourself in the spectacular history of Giglio Mines. Located on the Franco Promontory, visiting this territory will allow you to go through the glorious mining past of the island, known for the extraction of iron and pyrite.

Tour of the Lighthouses

There are three main lighthouses on the Island, including the historical Lighthouse of Vaccarecce. See the sights on a boat tour around the coast, a popular offering on Giglio.






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  1. 23rd March 2017 / 2:44 pm

    I’ve never been to Italy but all these places sound amazing and I’ll definitely save this incase I ever go! X


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