How Instagrammable Is Your Travel?

16th May 2017

The majority of my readers fit into the millennial category. Now, it’s no secret us millennials love a bit of social media. It has been five minutes since you were rolling your eyes at the latest “love you so much babe xoxox” post from this week’s hottest couple on Facebook and now you’re 45 weeks deep into your ex’s Instagram feed, trying your hardest to avoid double tapping.

So it was no surprise when Schofield’s Insurance ran a survey that showed 40% of millennials choose their holiday spots based on its Instagrammability.

This time last week 😢 A new video has just gone live on my YouTube channel > Four Days in @visit_tenerife 🌅

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The survey asked 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 33 what the most important factor was when they were choosing a holiday destination and two-fifths chose ‘how Instagrammable the holiday will be’ as the number one factor.


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Before heading to Tenerife in March, my exact words were “I’ll get some great Instagram content”.

Monday: where I’d rather be ✈️🌏

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Instagrammers are “obsessed” with taking pictures of their feet. The hashtag #fromwhereIstand has millions of photos in it, so why not add one more from a pristine beach in South Australia?

There is such a huge focus on how our lives our portrayed online and the results of the survey prove it. Social shareability is a valuable currency and brands have cottoned on as we have seen the rise of micro-influencers in the past few years.

Missing Australia a lot today 😭

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However, just because we’re a generation of super snappers and Instalovers doesn’t mean we’re not appreciating the countries themselves. I’m off to Dublin in a couple of weeks and yes, I’m thinking about all the super snaps I’m going to get for Instagram, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a jam-packed itinerary to immerse myself in the Irish capital’s culture.

Will I ever stop talking about this Byron Bay sunrise? Probs not.

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If you have an Instagram account, it probably does influence your travel in some way or another. We may be looking out for the ideal photo opportunity, but it allows us to get creative, inspire and create some lifelong memories while we’re at it.


Do you have any photos from your Instragrammable travels?

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