6 Reasons You NEED To Add Riverdale To Your Watch List

2nd June 2017

Netflix’s teen-drama Riverdale came to the end of its first season a few weeks ago and as I’m typing this, I have A LOT of feelings about the whole thing. I finished the season finale approximately 8-minutes ago and the first thing I thought was- I have to write a blog post on this!!!!
Now, I hate spoilers as much as the next guy and I’m keeping them to the very minimum, but if you’re worried CLICK AWAY NOW. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The only thing I’m going to say is that if you’re a fan of the show- and believe me, if you’re not already, you soon will be- we all know how much KJ Apa liked to hype up each episode…you ain’t going to be disappointed at the finale.


Welcome to Riverdale, your new binge-worthy obsession…

  1. It’s a fresh take on the Archie Comics

They first debuted in the 1940’s and includes the same loveable characters. Riverdale takes a fresh spin while still paying tribute to the classic comics.


  1. The Cast

The majority of the main cast are barely in their twenties and there acting skills are beyond phenomenal. I found myself so invested in each of the character’s stories from the get-go and this was definitely because of the amazing cast.


  1. Speaking of the cast, its got Cole Sprouse in it

Oi, oi. We’ve all loved him since The Suite Life and the love continues throughout his role as Jughead. Cole said in an interview that he wanted to play the narrator so he can’t be killed off which is brilliant because Jughead is such an amazing character and we all love Cole Sprouse so it’s win-win basically…


  1. The Storyline

The “who dunnit!?” type shows are my favourites and Riverdale is no exception. It keeps you guessing throughout the whole season and is full of some cheeky plot twists. It’s full of mystery and drama and lets off such a “Pretty Little Liars” vibe so if you’re a fan of PLL and can’t get over that it’s ending….welcome to Riverdale.


  1. The one-liners

There are some crackers, mainly from Riverdale’s sass queen Cheryl Blossom.


  1. The friendships

The show puts a huge emphasis on friendship and the love and support the friends have. Veronica and Betty are the ultimate BFFs who don’t let boys break them, while Archie does everything to support Jughead through any struggles. Not to mention Cheryl, who they let in with open arms after the not so nice things she puts the group through. The characters grow and stick by each other throughout the season and it’s a refreshing take on your usual backstabbing and bitchiness in most teen dramas.


All episodes of Riverdale are streaming on Netflix NOW



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  • Eleanor

    2nd June 2017 at 9:10 pm

    I’ve heard so much good stuff about this show but I’m yet to see any of it. I might have to add it to my watch list!

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