The Taste of Summer: Crane’s Cranberry Cider

5th June 2017

Nothing screams Summer like a good ol’ bottle of fruit cider. Now, this is Manchester and I had all good intentions to shoot these photos outside on a bright, sunny afternoon. Maybe with a BBQ sizzling away and Radio 1 playing in the background. But alas, it rained. Surprise surprise.

That doesn’t mean I felt any less Summery- I just took the shoot inside, opened every blind in the house and drowned out the sound of the torrential downpour with my Ultimate Summer Hits playlist on Spotify.

Ben & Dan- ‘The Cranes Twins’- discovered a love of cranberries during their time at University to compensate¬†for typical student life of alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol. After graduation, the twins brought the two together came up with the idea of a cranberry based cider- and Cranes was born.

Brewing the finest cranberries along with apples, Cranes is a deliciously refreshing, crisp cider. Proving a fruity variety, the cider comes in three flavours: Cranberry & Lime, Blueberry & Apple and Raspberry & Pomegranate.

Each flavour is wonderfully fruity and provides a unique taste experience.

The first of its kind, Cranes cider is naturally light and contains 30% less calories than leading brands. After working relentlessly on the recipe, the twins created the light cider by utilizing the sweetness of the fruit.

Using the finest ingredients, the twins visited Wisconsin- America’s cranberry county- to personally meet the producers and get a real feel for quality and to understand what it takes to produce the best berries.

Whether you’re aiming for that bikini body, are lowering your sugar intake or you want to save as many calories as you can for the BBQ, Cranes cider is a deliciously light alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.



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