Festival Essentials

13th June 2017

Festival season is well and truly upon us and with the big’un- Glasto- in just a matter of weeks, you’re probably thinking about the essentials for a weekend a music, mates and mud.

I headed to Parklife this past weekend and even though the festival is non-camping, I made sure I had the following things with me.


Sadly, this ain’t the Californian dessert. Wellies are essential for all UK festivals, whether or not the forecast is a blazing 20 degrees because it WILL rain. The worst thing you an do at a British festival is wear anything but.

Thermal Socks

Pair your wellies with the saviour of all socks, Heat Holders. The Ultimate thermal sock, Heat Holders have a unique tog of 2.34 that will keep your feet toasty warm no matter the weather.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

The dreaded porta-loos, all that mud and other nasties floating about, anti-bacterial hand gel is a must-have at any festival to keep the hands clean and germ-free. I love the Carex fun flavours, especially the bubblegum one!

Coloured Hair

It wouldn’t be a festival without some fun fashion and beauty! A bright coloured temporary dye or spray does the trick if you’re after something less permanent. The days where I dye my hair crazy colours are behind me (…for now) but I still like to have a bit of fun during festival season. InstaTint Temporary Colour Sprays work a dream, even on my dark brown hair. The sprays leave hair with a pop of colour that isn’t drying, non-transferable and washes out in an instant. My favourite combo is the Mermaid Blue and Orchid!

Dry Shampoo

This one is more relevant to weekend campers, but a quick spritz of dry shampoo can do wonders if the showers aren’t too great and you want your hair to look and feel fresh.


Yes it’ll probably rain and no it will not be sunny, but chances are every single person in the field will be wearing a pair of sunnies. Ironically, I wore mine over the weekend to shield the rain from my eyes and to stop my false lashes from falling off in the horrendous wind.


The weather changes in an instant so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and pack a little bottle of SPF 20.


Festivals are THE best excuse to cover yourself in glitter. Primarks FABULOUS festival range features glitter sets for only £2.50 and they last all day. Get ready to sparkle!

Are you going to a festival this year?




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