Five Reasons To Visit The Guinness Storehouse In Dublin

20th June 2017

The black stuff. It’s Ireland in a (pint) glass. When you visit Dublin, it’s only right that you visit the heart of the City for an unforgettable start to your Irish adventure. So naturally, the first place we headed on our only full day in the Irish capital was The Guinness Storehouse, located at St Jame’s Gate Brewery. 9:30am pint? There’s no judgment around here. When in Dublin…

 1. You’ll learn what goes into a perfect pint

After an induction at the bottom of the world’s largest pint glass (yes, really), one of the first stops of the tour is the ingredients section. It’s a sensory experience as you get a real feel and smell for what goes into a perfect pint of Guinness.


 2. There’s photo booth fun

In the midst of the advertising section of the tour are a few snazzy lil photo booths for guests to enjoy. You can recreate one of Guinness’ iconic advertisements and post it to Facebook there and then.


 3. You can add bartender to your CV

Technically speaking, does one pint really count as enough experience become the new manager of your local ‘spoons? Probably not. But you have the opportunity to pull your own pint of Ireland’s favourite beverage…and you’ll even get a certificate to prove it! Head to The Guinness Academy and you’ll learn all about the six-step ritual- from the 119.5 seconds to pour to the iconic surge and eventual settle.


 4. Panoramic views of the City

The stunning Gravity Bar offers spectacular panoramic views of Dublin City. A pint has never been served with as much scenery.


  5. The taste test

Arguably THE best part of the tour. You’ll learn how to drink Guinness the proper way at The Tasting Experience. You’ll start off with a sensory induction before moving into the tasting room to enjoy a cute-as-a-button mini sample- just don’t forget to inhale and take a generous gulp so your taste buds are tingling with all three flavours before swallowing and exhaling!

For more on The Guinness Storehouse, head over to my YouTube Channel and watch my vlog!







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