Improve Your Travel Photography Skills With Bidvine

When it comes to travel, there’s one thing I’m terrible at- remembering to take photos. I always come away from a trip with about eight photos and regret it straight away…and the photos I do take, I’m always disappointed with. I have a camera that I absolutely love but it rarely comes out unless I’m vlogging. I’d love to be able to make use of all its functions so I can take it away with me on my next trip and come back with some bangin’ photographs.

I was recently invited to try out Bidvine, a local services site where you can find anything from photography lessons to a man with a van. It’s safe and easy to find a range of professionals for a range of needs.

After you’ve decided on what service you need, Bidvine starts by asking you a few service-specific questions to make sure they match you with the right pros for the job. So for photography lessons, questions included how often you wanted lessons, which day is most suitable and why you want the lessons. I specified that I wanted the photography lessons for travel purposes and I was matched with professionals who specified in travel.

Your request is then sent to the right people for the job. The professionals then have up to 4 days to get back to you- although your first bid should be received within a couple of hours, explaining prices and what they can offer you. Depending on how many bids you receive, you can then compare company profiles to see who is the right fit for you.

You have peace of mind that the service is safe and secure. All messaging is done through Bidvine’s bidding messaging service, so there’s no need to go handing out personal information unless they’re the one you’re going to hire.

If you’re after a service, I would recommend trying out Bidvine. The website is super easy to use and with all the new Facebook Marketplace groups, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of being scammed and hiring a dishonest individual, but with Bidvine and its safe messaging service, you can be assured that you’ll be receiving a top quality service from some of the best industry professionals.


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