10 Ways To Use A Sarong

19th July 2017

Sarongs are without a doubt the perfect holiday essential. Versatile little things, you probably pack at least one for every beach break you go on. They hardly take up any room and there are countless ways to style and get creative with them, but what if you booked a last minute holiday and didn’t have time to go shopping? How many uses can you get out of the humble sarong?

1. See how many outfits you can create- maxi skirt, midi dress, one-shoulder dress or a halter neck dress just to name a few. YouTube has many awesome video tutorials for the endless looks you can wear with a sarong.

2. If you’re off for a sunset stroll, wearing your sarong as a scarf or a shawl is a great way to keep warm in the evening chill.

3. Wear as a headscarf to keep hair out of your face and make a style statement.

4. If you’re off to the beach for a day, a sarong is a perfect alternative to a beach towel.

5. If your hotel’s curtains let in too much light, use as an eye mask when catching some z’s.

     6. Tie your sarong to your luggage handle to easily identify your suitcase at the airport.
7. Sarongs can be extremely useful in case of emergencies. They make an ideal bandage or sling until you manage to get medial attention.
8. If you’re staying in shared accommodation and need a little extra privacy, sarongs make great curtain dividers.
9. Tie the corners together for your own makeshift bag.
10. When it’s time to come home, wrap up your souvenirs in a sarong for extra padding and peace of mind that the spoon rest your bought for your mum won’t break in transit.


So there you have it, ten different ways to use your simple sarong. Where are you and your sarong off to this Summer?



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