Four famous locations I can’t wait to visit

24th May 2018

It’s no secret that my bucket list is is more like a bucket novel. If I could visit every single little place on Earth, I would do. Some places are more popular than others, being complete tourist traps, but if thousands and thousands of people are visiting every year, it must be good.

When it comes to travelling, I’m doing it solo the majority of the time. I’ve been fortunate to afford my trips by saving up and having the time to do it as I still have the freedom of University. So when I am planning an adventure, I do find myself sticking to the places that attract the most tourists and offer organised trips, where I can meet new people and know that I’ve picked a good place to go.

Narrowing down the destinations to just a few was tough, but these four places are some of the ones that stand out for me as the best famous locations to visit, whether you’re a solo traveller or heading there with friends or family.

Breathtaking views of Dubrovnik during a Game of Thrones walking tour


Game of Thrones walking tour in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I have actually already done this one, but I couldn’t fully appreciate it as *shocker* I’ve never even seen Game of Thrones, but once I have (Sky have taken it off Boxsets, not happy!!!), I would love to go back and get the full GoT experience. There are loads of tours available every day of the week and they usually last about 90 minutes. You get to experience King’s Landing in all its glory, learning all about the history of Dubrovnik and the process of filming the show, while admiring gorgeous views of terracotta rooftops and  the Pearl of the Adriatic’s glistening waters.


Clubbing in Ibiza

Another one that may shock some of you, but at 23-years-old, I have never done one of the typical clubbing holidays that usually occur in your late teens- I was too busy swanning around Australia for a few months at that age. I feel like it’s something that has to be done and Ibiza is the perfect place for it! The pool parties always look incredible and the renowned San Antonio is somewhere I’d love to check out while I’m still in my twenties. We were even tempted to pop over this weekend and there were loads of brilliant last minute deals going to Spain with Holiday Gems!

Taking a stroll down La Rambla, Barcelona

If you haven’t heard of Las Ramblas, you truly must have been living under a rock. The famous street is almost a mile long, has tons of character and features some of the best restaurants, cafes and bars in Barcelona. You could easily spend a full day strolling down the tree lined pavements. Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca once said that La Rambla was “the only street in the world which I wish would never end.” and I’m pretty certain a lot of people will agree with him on that one.


Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Having been to Dubai over 10 years ago now, it’s safe to say the City wasn’t as far as advanced as it is now. The breathtaking 5 star Atlantis,The Palm, which opened in 2008, was just being built when I visited Dubai in 2007, and has everything a person would need for the most luxurious getaway. Rooms range from the Deluxe Guest Rooms right up to Signature Suites, including Underwater Suites, complete with views of the Lost Chambers aquarium. The hotel also features a range of world-class restaurants and entertainment- not forgetting the exciting Aquaventure Waterpark. It’s no surprise the hotel is a firm favourite for the rich and famous, so if you love a bit of celeb spotting, Atlantis, The Palm should be on your list.


Tell Me: Which famous locations would you love to visit?

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