Three Reasons Why North West is Best

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London has a lot of things going for it. That is after you have ducked and dived from the droves of people hurling themselves towards you on the high street or experienced being packed like sardines on a cramped tube with no ventilation, feeling the breath of the person next to you on your back. A hard earned five pounds might just stretch to get you half a pint from one of the many pubs that line the busy streets. Aside from the hustle and bustle of Southern cities that many find endearing, the South really does pale into significance compared to the North West.

Property Prices

The South, in particular London, has drawn people from all around the world to its twinkling lights, rich culture and strong sense of community. However over recent years London’s appeal has stagnated, particularly as house prices are soaring so dramatically. RW Invest, property investment specialists, have recorded that the property market in the South has been placed under immense pressure through its eyewatering prices and measly return on investment. The average house price in London is around £485,830 and in the South East approximately £323,435 compared to a more affordable average of £155,788 in the North West. I’m sure you are thinking ‘Yes but the salaries are higher in London, so it is all relative’, but this is where you are wrong.

In 2017, The Office for National Statistics reported that the average house in the whole of the UK rose by 4.5% to £225,000. Regional breakdowns highlight that London houses are even more out of reach for most people, with the average price relative to average earning stretching to 13.24, an increase from 12.91 in the previous year. The North West had one the lowest ratios out of all regions in the UK as prices were only 5.18 times the local average earnings.


It is not only property that is extortionate in the South. Numerous North West cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Chester give those in the South a run for their money – quite literally! Nightlife in the North West is famous, and the regions are very proud of the nightlife they offer visitors and locals. Super clubs meet pubs, comedy venues meet historic museums and art galleries, dance warehouses meet quirky independent bars, all for a small fee that doesn’t break the bank. Turning your sights down South you rarely get change from ten pounds for a slapdashed rushed pour of your favourite liquor and mixer.


From drink to food, fill your boots with the assortment of foodie delights quintessentially associated with areas of the North West and its eclectic history. Lancashire hotpot is traditionally made with lamb, onions and potatoes and is one of England’s most famous dishes. Not to mention a Cumberland sausage, easily recognised by its long-coiled shape, whilst a dish of Scouse is a nod to the people of Liverpool and their distinguishable accent. The North West is a fantastic region for food and is home to a little bit of everything for everyone. There are plenty of flavours to be discovered in the North-West’s diverse foodie scene, which has long been home to plenty of homegrown deliciousness!




Guest post written by RW Invest.

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