Top Tips For The Best Road Trip Ever

This strange pre-Spring Summer we’re having at the minute has already got me excited for arguably the best part of the warmer months- road trips!

There’s nothing better than planning a little adventure with your friends, hopping in the car and driving for a few hours, complete with a bangin’ playlist.

Whether you’re off to a festival to see the latest and greatest in music perform in a field or spending a few days in a quaint little English cottage in the heart of the countryside, the journey is one of the most exciting parts. 

To get you ready for the journey, here are my top tips to make your road trip the best one ever.

Split the driving

If you can and it’s a particularly long journey, split the driving up between you. We all know that driving while tired is very dangerous. Studies have shown that drowsy driving is just as bad as drink driving, as both have the same effects on the body. Plus tiredness equals road rage, which makes for a less fun journey.  

Check Your Tyres

With the unpredictable British weather, it can be sunny when you’re on your way chucking it down with rain on the way home. Or you may be heading off the beaten track on uneven and unfamiliar roads. The most important thing you can do is check your tyres. They’re essential for safe driving, maintaining steering and directional control, providing grip and of course supporting the weight of your car. There are ways you can check this yourself, but if you’re unsure about anything, it is best to get an MOT to be certain. Kwik Fit have created a video all about #stoppingdistance in bad weather which is worth taking a look at to refresh your memory.

Save money on petrol

Petrol ain’t cheap and you’re going to be using quite a bit of it. Every now and again, supermarkets have offers where if you spend, for example, £60 on your grocery shopping, you get a voucher for 5 pence off every litre of petrol. Might not sound a lot, but it adds up. You can also check comparison sites such as PetrolPrices to compare the best fuel prices in your area.

Check for roadworks beforehand

You don’t want to end up half way into your journey when you realise you have to turn around and take a detour that adds an extra hour onto the journey because of closed roads. 

Use your Sat Nav

You may have driven there several times before, but Sat Navs are also great for ETAs and knowing of any delays or roadworks. If you’ve never driven there before, it’s a given you’re going to need your Sat Nav, unless you’re into a good old fashioned map, of course.

Bring the snacks

If it’s a long journey, save money at the overpriced service stations and bring your own snacks, whether it’s something homemade or an ol’ Tesco meal deal.

Don’t forget the playlists

A road trip isn’t complete without a super awesome playlist with all of the best tunes. The road trip sing-along playlist on Spotify is a fun one to get you started.




This is a collaborative post with Kwik Fit

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