Day2 is the clothes saviour we all need

31st March 2019

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the term ‘chairdrobe’. That pile of clothes that aren’t dirty enough for a wash and you might wear again. Or maybe it’s the clothes you stuck in the washing machine three days…or weeks…ago and still haven’t HAD THE TIME to put away and is now all creased and a little bit dusty. 

Introducing Day2. The ultimate life saver we all need. It’s the world’s first dry wash spray for clothes – a fine mist that instantly revives and irons any outfit when sprayed. Dry wash works in a similar way to dry shampoo, but instead of restoring your locks, it revives clothes from just-worn to looking, feeling and smelling just-washed and pressed.

 The creators of Day2 came up with this ingenious product after learning that almost 40% of of clothes in the washing machine are not actually dirty. Every bottle helps save 60 litres of water (a full wash load) so it helps save time, money, water and energy. The bottles are also powered by air, meaning they are carbon neutral when sprayed.

Now, it’s very rare that I will use a product for the first time and gasp out loud at its brilliance, but that’s just what I did after using Day2. Just see for yourself the before and after! 

After laying my T-Shirt out on a flat surface, spraying lightly with Day2 Original and smoothing out with my hand, I left the garment to sit for 10-15 minutes while I finished my makeup for the day.

The T-Shirt was like brand new, with virtually zero creases, and a beautiful freshly washed scent. The fabric also felt softer and sat a lot better. 

I am so amazed by JUST how amazing Day2 works, both with the freshness and the magic of ironless decreasing. 

In addition to the Original, Day2 also comes in Denim and Delicates meaning there’s a bottle for everything. Smaller travel bottles of Original are also available, perfect for decreasing clothes that have been packed away in a suitcase! 

For £7.50 for the full-sized 200ml bottles and £4 for the travel-sized 75ml bottles, Day2 is very reasonably priced. A little goes a long way and each bottle will last a  good while. 

Day2 is a brilliant product that will make your life easier, saving you time and money. What’s more, you’ll be doing something good for the environment and save water and energy.

Day2 is available in a range of stores across the UK and online. 

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